Sweet And Cold Low Carb Coffee Ice Cream

Here’s a pretty informative article I found about the Keto diet. My suggestion is that you check it.

Anyhoo, this ice cream is like the best iced coffee ever, but thicker…and creamier… and with less caffeine which is good when you’ve already had like three giant iced coffees in one day and you are super hyper and a little crazy and it makes you type really long run on sentences like this and that’s pretty much how I talk after having that much coffee too except for it’s a lot faster than you are probably actually reading…Sweet And Cold Low Carb Coffee Ice Cream

That article said it all! Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and checking it out. Feel free to browse our other articles on this site as well.

Still want some more proof that the Keto diet works? We suggest that you check out some of these resources we have provided for you here.


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